Careers at Fempo

Fempow is an online community and a brand created to empower the leaders of tomorrow to make their mark on the world.

Fempow started in 2014 as an online platform to inspire and equip female leaders and entrepreneurs to create success on their own terms. We design inspirational quotes, notebooks, journals and planners to help you cultivate the habits of successful leaders and to encourage you to go after your dreams and make your mark on the world.

Why we think you would love to be part of our team:

  • Fempo is a small business – every team member has a lot of power to introduce and implement ideas.
  • Our main objective is to empower future leaders to create fabulous careers, businesses and lives. Isn’t that awesome?
  • Even though we are young, we are also growing very fast. Anything we do for Fempo is helping future leaders by equipping and empowering them through education.

You’ll love working at Fempo if you:

❤️ Are wanting a long-term freelance role
❤️ Enjoy WFH and flexibility
❤️ Are self-motivated and creative
❤️ LOVE stationery discounts and staff bonuses

We currently have the following open positions:

  • Social media Coordinator/Community Coach
  • Internship/Marketing

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